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9000 Hudson Rd, Suite 618
Woodbury, MN 55125

You are altogether beautiful my darling
| Song of Songs 4:7 |

Your Day. Your Vision.

Our Shop Bridal.

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We strive to bring customer service to our brides, moms and every person that walks through our door. We are here to help our brides find their 'Yes!' dress, and support them through the whole bridal experience with support, love and kindness. 

We want every person that walks through our doors to know that they are valued. That they are heard, seen and loved. That they will become like family here, they won’t be sold a gown, but they may find a gown that they see themselves getting married in and they will be supported and celebrated!  

9000 Hudson Rd, Suite 618
Woodbury, MN 55125


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Family Owned

meet kathy lipps + her daughters

Jenna, on the right, is a very familiar face around the boutique and manages full time since graduating college, she has over 7 years experience in the bridal industry and truly has a passion of bringing beauty to others.

Isabelle, left, is one of the top sales consultants and leaders of the team when she is not at Colorado Christian University earning her business degree.

Breanna, the eldest daughter, is one of the featured jewelry designers and is artist behind the hand painted wall murals seen throughout the boutique. (Breanna Ellevold Art)

Chelsea is the amazing brand photographer who captures the shops personality so beautifully through each stunning shot she takes. (Chelsea Photography)

Kathy, the owner, along with two out of four of her beautiful daughters who work with her at the boutique, hopes to share her passion of loving others well.

we have inclusive dresses, serving all shapes and sizes.

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You are altogether beautiful my darling  |  Song of Songs 4:7